Environmental Science Bachelor's Degree


The Baccalaureate Degree in Environmental Science provides excellent preparation for careers in federal, state and local government, public utilities and nonprofit sectors and industries. Additionally, this program will prepare students for graduate study in a variety of related fields such as ecology and environmental science. Students completing this degree will gain practical skills in animal and plant taxonomy and geographic information systems, as well as chemical and biological assessment of water resources. They will apply their skills in advanced courses in environmental assessment including studies of federal and state policies and regulations.


HANDS-ON LEARNING opportunities

  • Field biology techniques (e.g. Ecology, Field Biology electives)
  • GIS
  • Independent research and/or internships
  • Laboratory technique (e.g. genetics/microbiology/CHEM/PHYS)



  • Critical thinking
  • Data management, statistical analysis and specialized analysis (e.g. GIS/bioinformatics)
  • Interdisciplinary understanding of complex societal topics
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Written and oral communication

Students living in states bordering Arkansas receive in-state tuition.

Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. The Arkansas Tech University school code to use on the FAFSA is 001089.

Payment Options:

  • Financial Aid
  • Payment Plan
  • Graduate Assistantships

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You could work as a(n):

  • Conservation biologist/wildlife management
  • Educator (teacher, park interpreter, etc)
  • Environmental consultant
  • Environmental health worker (e.g. EPA/ADH/etc.)
  • Industrial reclamation and restoration (e.g. mining)
  • Policy (politician, lobbyist)
  • Water treatment technician

Alumni of our program work at:

  • Arkansas Analytics, Inc.
  • Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment
  • Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
  • Environmental Enterprise Group, Inc.
  • Denali Water Solutions

View the links below to better understand the courses, the course timeline, and who your faculty will be when you enroll as an ATU student.

Credentials that stack with this degree:

  • MS/PhD in Education
  • MS/PhD in Environmental chemistry/geology
  • MS/PhD in Environmental engineering
  • MS/PhD in Environmental law
  • MS/PhD in Wildlife biology


Point of Pride

ATU is close to outdoor laboratory settings for our courses and we take advantage of our location to incorporate learning experiences in the natural environment of the area.


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