Our approach puts you first

And it's how we've always done things at ATU

Sure, a debt-free college education sounds appealing, but it's often too good to be true. Other institutions may promise a debt-free experience by offering a last-dollar scholarship, essentially applying your financial aid package (state and federal aid) to the cost of Tuition & Fees first, then applying institutional funds in the form of scholarships and other aid to your account balance. A last-dollar scholarship usually covers the cost of only tuition and fees after applying federal, state, and institutional financial aid to an account balance. This method may leave you responsible for housing, meals, books, and other out-of-pocket expenses because the full cost of attending college extends beyond Tuition & Fees. 

At Arkansas Tech University, we believe in giving you the financial flexibility to make the most of your college experience. That is why we apply ATU institutional funds to your account balance first, before we apply your state and federal aid, potentially leaving you with money to cover more than just Tuition & Fees. No Strings Attached.  

This approach puts you first! It eases the financial burden on you and your family while also supporting ATU’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and accessible education to all.

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Let's Get Into It

While there are a few state institutions advertising free tuition in the form of a last-dollar scholarship, we encourage prospective students to read the fine print. Additional requirements at these institutions may include but are not limited to:



Be an Arkansas Resident

No Residency Requirement 

Earn At or Below a Specific Income 

No Income Level Specified

Pell-eligible per a Completed FAFSA 

No Eligibility Requirement 

Must Apply for the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship through ADHE 

No Application Required (though it is encouraged)

Work-Study Requirements 

No Requirements for Work-Study 

Required Service Hours or Volunteer Work  

No Required Service Hours or Volunteer Work  

Find Out For Yourself 

It’s always FREE for First-time entering Freshmen to apply to ATU, and you're automatically considered for Academic Scholarships when you’re admitted.  

No need to: 

  • Write a 3,000 word essay 
  • Understand and submit complicated forms 
  • Pay an application fee 
  • Provide test scores 
  • Submit a FAFSA (though it is encouraged)


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Apply to ATU today and you’ll see what scholarships you qualify for and be able to compare financial aid packages and cost of attendance. It’s clear that at ATU, there are no strings attached, and that’s how we’ve always operated.