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At Arkansas Tech University, we know finances play a major role in a student’s college decision. And with several universities claiming free Tuition & Fees in the form of a last-dollar scholarship, it can be difficult to cut through the fluff.

Last-dollar scholarships usually cover the cost of only Tuition & Fees after applying federal, state, and institutional financial aid to a student’s account balance.  Not every student is eligible, and these universities will likely contribute a negligible amount to meet the remaining Tuition & Fees balance once Pell Grant, Arkansas Academic Challenge, and other scholarship funds are applied. We encourage you to compare the costs of meal plans, housing, and books at other universities, in addition to Tuition & Fees, to determine the big picture. Because the full cost of college extends beyond Tuition & Fees, your student may end up paying more, even with a last-dollar scholarship. 

It’s free to apply for admission at ATU and our academic scholarships are among the most generous in the state. Compared to most AR four-year universities, our housing and meal plans are more affordable too. Encourage your student to apply today!


Let's Get Into It

While there are a few state institutions advertising free tuition in the form of a last-dollar scholarship, we encourage prospective students to read the fine print. Additional requirements at these institutions may include but are not limited to:



Be an Arkansas Resident

No Residency Requirement 

Earn At or Below a Specific Income 

No Income Level Specified

Pell-eligible per a Completed FAFSA 

No Eligibility Requirement 

Must Apply for the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship through ADHE 

No Application Required (though it is encouraged)

Work-Study Requirements 

No Requirements for Work-Study 

Required Service Hours or Volunteer Work  

No Required Service Hours or Volunteer Work  



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