Emergency Management Bachelor's Degree

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Whether you prefer the immersive on-campus experience or the flexibility of distance education, our program caters to your needs. Delve into a comprehensive curriculum that equips you with a profound understanding of emergency planning and preparedness, cultural considerations, human behavior, appropriate responses, and the intricate political and legal aspects within the field.

Join the ranks of professionals who have shaped their careers through our esteemed program. Arkansas Tech University is your gateway to a degree that not only opens doors but also prepares you for success in the ever-evolving field of Emergency Management. Your journey starts here.

HANDS-ON LEARNING opportunities

Most courses are structured around collaborative learning and utilize the dynamic nature of real-world emergency management scenarios to encourage critical thinking and practical application. Unlock the full potential of your Emergency Management and Homeland Security education at Arkansas Tech University by engaging in real-world opportunities that bridge the gap between the classroom and the field. Integrating real-world scenarios and practical applications into the learning process ensures that you can connect theoretical concepts to the challenges you may encounter in future endeavors. 

Below are a few examples of interactive and experiential learning in the program:

  • EAM 1013 Aim & Scope of Emergency Management: Throughout the course, you conduct a civic engagement project on a community organization where you complete a risk assessment, engage in service-based learning, apply the Incident Command System, and present the project findings to a supervisor or community leader.
  • EAM 3023 Preparedness and Response Operations: Design and execute a tabletop exercise to simulate a disaster scenario then evaluate a county emergency operations plan, in the context of the National Response Framework (NRF), using your prepared tabletop exercise scenario.
  • EAM 3123 Public Information Skills for EM: function as a public information officer (PIO) for an EM organization and market the agency, through social media, write press releases, participate in a press conference, speak to groups, etc.


  • Risk assessment and hazard analysis
  • Community engagement and social dynamics
  • Critical thinking
  • Effective communication
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Adaptability and problem-solving

By the time you graduate with a bachelors degree in emergency management from Arkansas Tech University, you will master the following next-generation core competencies: Operate within the EM Framework, Disaster Risk Management, Scientific Literacy, Geographic Literacy, Sociocultural Literacy, Technological Literacy, Possess Critical Thinking, Abide by Professional Ethics, Systems Literacy, Leadership, Continual Learning, Community Engagement, and Governance & Civics.

A Bachelor's degree in Emergency Management and Homeland Security can open doors to a variety of rewarding career paths. 

You could work as a(n):

  • Business Continuity / Risk Manager (banks, utilities, healthcare, or schools)
  • Emergency Manager (public, private, or humanitarian sector)
  • Legislative Policy Advisor
  • Public Health Emergency Planner
  • Homeland Security Specialist / Intelligence
  • Public Information Officer / Crisis Communication Specialist
  • First Responder 
  • Safety Officer / Environmental Health and Safety 
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Compliance and Quality Control/Assurance

Alumni of our program work at:

  • Arkansas Division of Emergency Management (ADEM)
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Private Sector Companies (WalMart, Simmons First Bank)
  • Red Cross and Other Nonprofit Organizations
  • Consulting Firms specializing in risk management, emergency planning, and disaster recovery
  • Educational Institutions
  • Environmental Protection Agencies
  • Utility Companies
  • Transportation Agencies
  • Local Emergency Management Agencies

These examples represent just a snapshot of the diverse range of employers seeking professionals with expertise in emergency management and homeland security. 

Students living in states bordering Arkansas receive in-state tuition.

Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. The Arkansas Tech University school code to use on the FAFSA is 001089.

Payment Options:

  • Financial Aid
  • Payment Plan
  • Graduate Assistantships

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Credentials that stack with this degree:

  • Accelerated Bachelor 2 Masters (AB2M): The accelerated undergraduate to graduate degree program allows qualified undergraduate students to register for graduate level credit hours as undergraduates and receive DUAL credit toward both undergraduate and graduate degrees.  
  • EMHS Graduate Program 
  • Law school
  • MBA 


Point of Pride

The world's first accredited emergency management program. Since 1997, Arkansas Tech University has been a trailblazer in emergency management higher education. 


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