Chemistry-Environmental Option Bachelor's Degree


The Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry-Environmental option focuses on a multidisciplinary knowledge of chemistry, biology and geology applied together in environmental studies. It includes some aspects of aquatic chemistry, atmospheric chemistry and geochemistry. Field work and studies of modeling in environmental systems are highly encouraged in this program, which was created for students interested in exploring environmental issues.

The curriculum offers a thorough fundamental knowledge of the major fields of chemistry, such as general, organic, inorganic and biochemistry, as well as many specialized courses including analytical, instrumental, nuclear, toxicology and medicinal chemistry. Each foundation course in analytical, inorganic, organic, biochemistry and physical chemistry focuses on laws, theories and applications in the lecture portion and offers students the opportunity to have hands-on experiences with instruments in laboratories. In addition, the program offers opportunities for students to participate in many emerging research projects under the guidance of a faculty mentor.


HANDS-ON LEARNING opportunities

  • Hands-on learning in laboratory part of the course work
  • Hands-on training in independent projects/research coursework
  • Hands-on training with various high-end instruments



  • Critical thinking
  • Chemical and environmental science instrument operating
  • Developing and conducting independent projects
  • Working with others on environmental chemistry research projects

Students living in states bordering Arkansas receive in-state tuition.

Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. The Arkansas Tech University school code to use on the FAFSA is 001089.

Payment Options:

  • Financial Aid
  • Payment Plan
  • Graduate Assistantships

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You could work as a(n):

  • Chemistry health and safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Petroleum industry
  • Water chemistry

Alumni of our program work at:

  • Rockline industries
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Olin Corporation

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Credentials that stack with this degree:

  • MS in chemistry
  • PhD in chemistry


Point of Pride

The Chemistry program is certified by the American Chemical Society.


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