Prospective Cadets

The Arkansas Tech University Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) program provides college students with the opportunity to combine world-class leadership and management training with their other academic studies. Upon successful completion of the program and graduation from college, young men and women become an Army Lieutenant in either the Active Army, Army National Guard, or the Reserve Component.

Army ROTC is the Best Leadership Course in America.  Arkansas Tech University ROTC is looking for the Scholar Athlete Leader.  Some of the attributes to posses to make yourself successful:

  • Scholar (3.0 GPA or higher)
  • Athlete (Individual or team sports)
  • Leader (Appointed or elected leadership positions in school, sports, community, etc.)

Students will be encouraged to attend physical fitness and athletic activities throughout the school year.  This prepares students to be tested in 6 key areas. Additional information and demonstrations can be found here:

  • 3 Repitition Maximum Deadlift
  • Standing Power Throw
  • Hand Release Push-Ups
  • Sprint-Drag-Carry
  • Plank
  • Two-Mile Run

There are many benefits to participating in ROTC such as:

  • ROTC Equals Long Term Success. ROTC is the college elective that teaches the decision-making, management skills, leadership, and discipline that will enhance the student's future success in either a military or a civilian career.
  • The Edge. ROTC gives the student the edge for success. Army ROTC courses teach you how to succeed in a competitive world in college and beyond.
  • Financial Assistance. Merit-based scholarships are available to those who qualify. Additionally, those in the program are eligible to receive a monthly tax-free stipend.
  • As an Army Officer, you become a member of a well-respected profession and immediately are placed into leadership positions of significant responsibility. In addition to enjoying the opportunity to make a real contribution to the defense of our nation, you receive an extremely competitive salary and benefit package.
  • Upon earning an Officer's commission, participants in Army ROTC enjoy many benefits often not available to their contemporaries who did not enroll in the program. Examples of those benefits include:
  • A highly competitive salary and benefit package world wide travel opportunities and interesting duty assignments.  For your service in the Army you receive 100 percent paid medical, dental, and vision insurance programs, generous life insurance program, 30 days of annual paid vacation, education benefits that also may be transferred to next of kin, world-class family services, development of leadership skills that are highly coveted in the private sector, and the respect and appreciation of the nation for their service.  Upon completion of 20 years you receive a guaranteed retirement.  If you choose to leave the service before 20 years you are given assistance in transferring back to becoming a civilian and job placement.


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