Cadre and Staff

Arkansas Tech Army ROTC Cadre and Staff have a variety of experiences and come from a multitude of backgrounds which helps to create an ideal environment for the leadership training experienced by our cadets.

The Cadre and Staff consist of Active Duty, Arkansas Army National Guard, Army Reserve and civilians. This diversity in leadership is essential in preparing cadets for the challenges of being a leader in a diverse organization (US Army).

Cadre & Staff Listing
  • CPT Larry Boggs: Assistant Professor of Military Science
  • CPT Julio StandridgeAssistant Professor of Military Science
  • MSG Travis Surber: Military Science Instructor/NCOIC
  • Mr. Stephen White: Senior Military Science Instructor (Contractor)
  • MSG Traye McCool: Military Science Instructor (Drilling Reservist)
  • SFC John Reinold: Military Career Counselor 

Cadre and Staff offices for Arkansas Tech University Army ROTC are located at 1508 North Boulder Ave. (between Brown Hall and Caraway Hall).