Scholar (only requires one of the bullets)

  • Campus Academic Honors Designee
  • Top third of class and either
  • Cumulative GPA over 3.0
  • Have taken the SAT or the ACT
  • In a academic program with the Academic Discipline Mix (ADM) coding of 3,4, or 5 IAW CC Reg 145-12 and a cumulative GPA over 2.5

Athlete (only requires one of the bullets)

  • Member of college competitive/intramural team
  • Member of regional/city/competitive league
  • Either active competitive involvement in organized team sports / unit sports team (G2G) or active involvement in individual athletic competitions (triathlon, mountain biking, running, martial arts, etc)

Leader (only requires one of the bullets)

  • Elected member of student government, class, activity
  • Captain of college athletic or academic team
  • Eagle Scout / Gold Star
  • Prior Service NCO (reserve or active duty)
  • Owns/runs own business or in supervisory position
  • Serves in position of responsibility in school/club or private organization and leader in volunteer service organizations/activities