Internship Procedures

What is an Internship?

Internships are designed to complement students’ formal education with practical work experience while providing academic credit. It gives you valuable insights regarding the types of work you may perform after graduation and helps you make a decision on a long-term career path. You'll also gain experience in interviewing, résumé preparation, working with teams, and community involvement. Ultimately, the internship program benefits students, employers, and the College of Business.

Where to start?

Start by reading our Student Internship Packet! It will provide you the directions you need to start the process of locating an internship, an internship coordinator and completing the forms. Be sure to utilize the many resources available to you, such as the Career Services office, Angie Bell in the COB Office of Student Engagement in Rothwell 419, career fairs, workshops, faculty, alumni, and industry-related websites are available to students to assist in securing an internship position.

Internship Packet 


Internship Testimonial Video