College of Business and Economic Development

The College of Business and Economic Development is the home of the School of Business and the two leading business industries in Arkansas: Agriculture and Tourism. The School of Business offers general programs in Accounting, Finance, Business Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Management, and Health Information Management. The Department of Agriculture and Tourism offers specialized degrees in the areas of Agriculture, Recreation and Park Administration, and Hospitality Administration. The department also contains a working cattle/swine farm operation and an industrial kitchen where students receive hands-on training in their respective fields.

Code of ethics

The learners, faculty, and staff of the ATU College of Business and Economic Development are committed to integrity and leadership in everything we do personally, professionally, academically, and for our community. 

Leadership- Inspire trust and confidence through responsibility, accountability, and professionalism.

Ethics- Behave honestly and fairly.

Academics- Prepare business professionals with knowledge, skills, and competencies for the jobs of the future.

dean's message

The College of Business and Economic Development at ATU is a place where you can feel confident.

  • Confident that your faculty care about you
  • Confident that you can develop your leadership skills and management ability
  • Confident that you will have opportunities for competition and travel
  • Confident that you are prepared for your chosen career.

If you are considering a major in business at ATU, let me encourage you to visit the campus, especially the fourth floor of Rothwell Hall.  We would love to share with you the opportunities that are available to you if you choose to join us.  From interesting and up-to-date classes to world-class student organizations, your time here will be engaging and impactful.

It is an exciting time at ATU and especially in the College of Business and Economic Development.