High School Business Challenge


A business model competition where high school students present their business plan for a new product, service, or expansion of a current business. Teams of 2-5 will compete against other teams by submitting a video presentation by Feb. 15th. The panel of judges will be comprised of business leaders in the Russellville community. The winning team from each high school will participate in the finale at Arkansas Tech. Each team invited to attend the finale will also receive a coaching session prior to the event from a member of the ATU campus or local community.  Please submit your completed application to Angie Bell, Coordinator of Student Engagement at abell@atu.edu.

Teams will compete for a grand prize of $500 on March 28th at Arkansas Tech.

Application Deadline: January 15th - Extended to January 26th at noon because of inclement weather.

Preliminary Competition: Video Presentations due February 15th

Coaching Sessions: March 5th - 7th

Finale: March 28th, 2023 @ 10:00 AM, ATU Doc Bryan Lecture Hall


2024 High School Business Challenge Winners


1st Place Winner - Individual Division

Christopher Brown

Tracy Cole and Christopher Brown


1st Place Winner - Team Division (tie)

Shyisha Willis, Matilyn Christopher

Tracy Cole, Shyisha Willis and Matilyn Christopher

Faithlynn Metcalf, Maribel Tenango, Ashlee Loaeza

Tracy Cole, Faithlynn Metcalf, Maribel Tenango, Ashlee Loaeza


2nd Place Winner - Individual Division

Alaina Reeves

Alaina Reeves and Tracy Cole