Meet the Firms

Meet the Firms is an event that aims to create a conducive environment for accounting firms to engage with our talented pool of accounting students, fostering connections and potential employment opportunities.

Event Overview:  The Meet the Firms event serves as a platform for accounting firms to showcase their unique offerings, company culture, and career opportunities to our students. It provides an opportunity for students to gain insights into the accounting industry and establish professional relationships that can shape their future careers.

Student Engagement: Throughout the evening, our accounting students will have the opportunity to engage directly with representatives from each firm. Students will have the chance to learn about your firm's areas of expertise, industry focus, company values, and available career paths. This interaction enables students to gain a deeper understanding of your organization and assess how it aligns with their career aspirations.

Networking Opportunities: The event is designed to facilitate networking between accounting firms and students. This setting encourages meaningful conversations and allows students to make personal connections with representatives from your firm. This networking aspect of the event is invaluable in building relationships that can lead to internships, co-op opportunities, and potential full-time employment.  This also provides an opportunity for you to share your firm's vision, achievements, and unique offerings with a broader audience of interested students and allows you to highlight key aspects of your firm and engage with the students.

Promotional Materials: We encourage you to bring promotional materials such as brochures, company profiles, and business cards to distribute to interested students. These materials serve as a tangible representation of your firm and can help students remember your organization and its opportunities long after the event concludes.

This year's event will be held on Tuesday, September 24, 2024 at 6:00PM.  There is a $200 registration fee for firms to attend the event, which includes a meal prior to the event.  For more detailed information contact Angie Bell at or 479-880-4347.  To register to attend please fill out the form below.  Please send your registration fee to ATU College of Business, C/O Angie Bell, 106 West O Street, Rothwell 419, Russellville, AR 72801 or use the Pay Now button to pay online. 

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