High School Investment Challenge

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Objective: The objective of this investment challenge is two-fold. The first objective of this challenge is to achieve the highest net value portfolio at the end of the challenge. The second objective of this challenge is to present a synopsis of each team's investment strategy to a panel of judges. The team with the highest net value at the end of the challenge will receive a cash prize. The team with the best investment strategy will receive the highest award.

Methodology: Teams will comprise 5 students or less. Each team will create and use a Stocktrak investment account. Each team is allocated a portfolio with $1,000,000 in cash. Teams will have a maximum of 200 trades (Buy then sell = two trades). It is up to the team members to decide on which assets to purchase and when to trade.

Finalists Selection Criteria

At the end of the challenge, ideally, the top 10 teams with the highest cash value in their respective accounts will be selected for consideration of the First and Second objectives of the challenge. However, judges reserve the right to increase or decrease the number of teams. Again, teams must adhere to the investment rules as outlined in the challenge. Failure to adhere to the investment rules may lead to disqualification for the finalists selected.

Timeline for 2024 High School Investment Challenge

12/15:  Application Deadline

1/10:     Introduce the high school investment challenge and explain how to set up an account at StockTrak.com (virtual meeting)

1/16:    Trading period starts

3/15:    Trading period ends

3/18:    Notify teams that have made it to the finale

4/18:    Final presentation @ 10:00 AM, ATU Doc Bryan Lecture Hall

Please submit your completed application to Angie Bell, Coordinator of Student Engagement at abell@atu.edu.

2023 High School Investment Challenge Winners  

1st Place Winner

1st Place Winner

Tibor Hollmann

Jacklyn Tapley, Lauryn Tapley, Attalie Bardwell

2nd Place Winner

Jacklyn Tapley, Lauryn Tapley, Attalie Bardwell