Instructions to Authors

The Journal of Business Administration Online (JBAO) is a (blind) peer-reviewed academic journal with a goal of publishing high quality conceptual, empirical, and practitioner articles. JBAO publishes papers related to: Accounting, Business Education, Business Law, Business Technology, Economics, Finance, Management, and Marketing. All submissions should be sent to The submission email should include the following information:

  1. The journal track to which the paper is being submitted (Accounting, Business Law, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, or Data Analytics).
  2. A statement that the paper is not published or under review at other journals, proceedings, or other hard copy or electronic publications.
  3. The names and contact information for all authors of the manuscript and the designation of the corresponding author.

Review Policy: JBAO uses a blind review process for all manuscripts. Reviews are normally completed within six weeks. JBAO will evaluate submissions based on contribution and conceptual rigor. JBAO will not publish manuscripts that have been submitted to, accepted by, or published in other outlets (including published conference proceedings or other electronic journals). If accepted, a $200 publication fee will be assessed.  Students in doctoral programs can apply for a discounted publication fee. Contact the journal's editor for more information at

Fees charged for publication are used to defray administration costs of the Arkansas Tech University College of Business for maintaining the JBAO and its website.  No other fees or charges are assessed to authors other than those mentioned above.  No advertising revenue is received by the JBAO or its sponsor.  Past issues of the JBAO are archived on the Past Issues page and may be accessed without cost.

Ethics Policy: It is expected that authors submitting papers to JBAO will have conducted their work in an ethical manner. General guidelines for the conduct of ethical research are available at  All manuscripts are reviewed for originality prior to publication.

Retraction/Correction Policy:  If the authors of a manuscript determine that an error exists in a work already published in the JBAO, it is their responsibility to advise the editor of this situation and to propose how the error may be corrected.  If this can be done while maintaining the integrity of the original work, at the journal's discretion, the editor may approve such corrections as are warranted.  If the editor is advised that a manuscript contains an error of significance, the editor may notify the authors of the situation to request their input as stated above.   If a work must be retracted due to serious flaws or concerns, the authors will be notified of the situation immediately.   All major corrections or retractions will be noted on the URL in which the original article appeared.  The editor will attempt to follow COPE guidelines in these situations.

Copyright: JBAO holds the copyright for all articles appearing in JBAO.