About JBAO


The Journal of Business Administration Online is a business journal that bridges the gap between business research and practice, evaluating and reporting on new research to help readers identify and understand significant trends in their fields. JBAO publishes articles that address both theoretical and practical issues in the areas of finance, economics, business technology, business education, marketing, management and business law. Contributing academicians and researchers are encouraged to address a variety of concerns relating to all areas of business. Recent developments in computer applications and teaching methodologies are also featured. Articles selected for publication provide valuable insight into matters of broad intellectual and practical concern to academicians and business professionals and meet the quality standards of AACSB International and the Journal's editorial committee. The Journal is a semi-annual publication.

JBAO is available in an online format free of charge. The editors of JBAO strive to publish significant and useful articles dealing with the broad interests of the field of business administration and to achieve an editorial balance among research, technique, theory, and practice. Articles submitted to the journal are blind- reviewed. If you have an article that you would like to publish in the JBAO, submit the manuscript according to the JBAO Instructions for Authors. JBAO is published by the Arkansas Tech University School of Business.