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vol 17 no.2

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Table of Content

Accounting Ethics: A poetic Attempt

William Huffman, Missouri Southern State University

Ethical Awareness and Professional Responsibility: A University Delay of Game Case

Constance A. McKnight, University of Central Arkansas, Stephanie F. Watson, University of Central Arkansas 

A Simple Demand and Supply Game for the Classroom 

Joseph P. McGarrity, University of Central Arkansas 

Forecasting Oil Price Changes with the Flexible Least Squares Approach 

Ling T. He, University of Central Arkansas 

The Price Impact of Strategic Petroleum Reserve Releases on Oil Industry Firms 

J. David Kelly, Southwestern Oklahoma State University 

Uncoupling Electricity Generating Organizations from Climate Change: A Policy Perspective 

Christopher A. Craig, Murray State University,  Siyao Ma, University of Arkansas, Song Feng, University of Arkansas, Brittany Wood, Murray State University 

Business Simulation Validity Across Course Delivery Formats 

Brandon Kilburn, The University of Tennessee Martin, Ashley Kilburn, The University of Tennessee Martin, Denise Williams, The University of Tennessee Martin 

 A Ten-Step Approach to Refreshing Strategic Plans Within Higher Education 

James Kirby Easterling, Eastern Kentucky University, Kristen B. Wilson, Eastern Kentucky University 

Fostering 21st Century Skills through Cross-Cultural and Diverse Educational Practices 

Ahmed Elkassabgi, Arkansas Tech University, Benjamin Löhr, THM, University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Gabriele Haulmark, Arkansas Tech University, Heike Siebert, THM, University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Helene Lindenthal, Paderborn University, Germany 

Lesson Learned: The Need for Stakeholders’ Collaborations 

Chynette Nealy, University of Houston Downtown