General Guidelines

Only the Purchasing Department has the authority to issue purchase orders. Requisitions are "requests" for commodities or services, and do NOT constitute a legal order.  Orders placed by an individual without a purchase order are the financial responsibility of that individual.

If a mandatory State of Arkansas Contract exists for a commodity, the University MUST order through that contract. Search State of Arkansas Contracts.

All printing – regardless of the dollar amount – must be bid. Printing is defined as "commercial printer's ink, using a commercial printing press, produced on paper". This does NOT include xerographic or digital copies.

Purchases may not be "split" to avoid a bid situation. If requisitions from two or more departments are received for the same commodity, bids will be issued if the total exceeds the Small Order limit.

Read our Code of Ethics


Electronic Requisition Training

Banner Electronic Requisition Training is available via the web here (OneTech log-in is required). After viewing the videos, please call 968-0269 if you would like to schedule additional training. In-person training sessions will require 1 hour.

Petty Cash

The dollar limit for petty cash is $75.00. Contact Student Accounts at 968-0271 for additional information.


Travel requests must be processed through the Budget Office (356-2034).