P-Card Information

What is a P-Card, and do I need one?

The P-Card, or Purchasing Card, is a State sponsored credit card used for making purchases without having a Purchase Order. The P-Card is the preferred method for making small dollar purchases. It is very convenient for shopping online, buying from vendors who do not accept purchase orders, and paying for conference registration fees. A full-time employee may become a cardholder with approval from his or her department head or dean and V.P. If you would like more information about ATU's P-Card program, please give us a call at 968-0269.

Updated P-Card Conference Registration Guidelines

In State Registrations use account code 704805

Out of State Registrations use account code 704810

How do I apply for a PCard?

P-Card Forms

As an agency of the State of Arkansas, Arkansas Tech University is participating in this program that is designed to help better manage low-dollar supply purchases and bring many benefits to you, the University, and our vendors. The P-Card will facilitate the acquisition of lower dollar goods and services needed for conducting official University business. It is intended that the P-Card be issued to University full- time employees to enhance the University and departmental effectiveness or economy of operations. Liability for payment, total responsibility and accountability for the P-Card transactions resides at the department level. Personal purchases are strictly forbidden and may result in disciplinary action.