New Vendor Request Form

Please complete this form to request a vendor be issued a T number in Banner. All contact information must be given. If incomplete information is provided, the request will not be processed. This form should only be used if you wish to complete a requisition to a vendor. It  is not necessary to fill out this form for Pcard transactions. Upon receipt of this completed form Procurement  Services will contact the vendor and request a W9 along with any other forms that may be required. Once all the required paperwork is received from the new vendor, a T number will be issued and sent back to the requestor via email. Please contact our office with any questions at 479.968.0269. Thank you

This is needed in order to contact the vendor. Do not use N/A please.
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By submitting this request I certify that I have neither a personal financial or other stake in the requested vendor, nor a conflict of interest, and that any and all requests for payment to this vendor will be for official Arkansas Tech University business. Click to agree*