Vendor Resources 

Arkansas Tech University operates as an institution of higher learning under the laws of the State of Arkansas. These laws include restrictions on purchases that may be made over specific dollar limits without a bid issued or current contract in place. A full list of Arkansas Procurement Law and Rules may be viewed here. It is also extremely important to remember that no orders may be placed without a valid ATU issued purchase order signed by our Agency Purchasing Official or a valid PCard, University issued credit card number given at time of order. ATU Procurement Services issues orders on behalf of the University if a purchase order is used and will provide you, the vendor, this official copy. University PCard holders may contact you directly with a valid credit card number to issue orders as well. Pcard orders may not exceed limits placed on the individual card and are used for small dollar purchases only, not to approach the current $20,000 bid limit. Again, it is essential that you not accept orders without a valid official ATU purchase order in hand or a PCard number provided to you at the time of purchase. The PO number is your guarantee of payment and a PCard number must be processed at time of purchase to ensure fund availability. Multiple invoices may not be submitted to avoid the bidding process.  Procurement Services is available to answer any questions you may have at or 479-968-0583 ext 3554.

ATU Covid-19 Vendor and Contractor Policy


Vendors: You are welcome to schedule an appointment with our office to discuss any upcoming campus projects or share with us information about your products and services. You may make an appointment by calling 479-968-0269 or emailing Vendors dropping in without an appointment may leave materials with our office, but a meeting with a staff member may not be possible. Thank you!


Instructions for Request for Listing as Bidder

If you would like to register with ATU to receive notice of sealed bids for the services and/or commodities that your company provides, you must complete and submit the following forms.

  1. Page 1 and 2 of the Request for Listing as Bidder Form.
  2. Your company’s completed W-9.
  3. Combined Boycotts and Illegal Immigrant Certification Form.
  4. Contract and Grant Disclosure Certification Form.
  5. EEOC Policy.
  6. Certificate of Commercial Liability Insurance (if applicable).

Page 1 Instructions: Complete this page in its entirety. This information is needed to build a complete profile of your company. The Request for Listing as Bidder MUST be signed by an official with the authority to bind the company. In so doing, the official agrees to abide by the laws of the State of Arkansas and the regulations promulgated by Arkansas Tech University.

Page 2 Instructions: This form indicates what types of services and/or commodities your company provides. You must list Classes and Sub-Classes. Please do not request bids on commodities that you cannot furnish. List brand names even if you provide catalogs or line cards. Also, indicate if you furnish supplies/equipment only or if you can provide service/installation.

Submit these forms via fax to (479) 968-0633 or email

If you need assistance to complete the forms or additional information, please call the University Office of Procurement and Risk Management Services at (479) 968-0269.