Theatre Program

The Arkansas Tech University Theatre program offers a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with Theatre Option.  This BA is a full 33-hour major to prepare students for a variety of careers including professional theatre, educational theatre, or other performance-related careers.  In 2019, the Program added an additional film emphasis.

For more information on the courses included in the program, please see the  Undergraduate Course Catalog.


2021-22 Theatre Productions


 Three Viewings

ATU’s fall play is Three Viewings by Jeffrey Hatcher, directed by Bruce Brown.  This show is a trio of witty monologues touching on death, relationships, and personal understanding.  The play runs Oct. 28-31.  Due to COVID restrictions, Three Viewings will be live-streamed through Broadway on Demand on the following dates:

Thursday, October 28th, at 7pm

Friday, October 29th, at 7pm

Saturday, October 30th, at 7pm

Sunday, October 31st, at 2pm

Links to the livestreams can be found at:

To read the Three Viewings press release:


Additional information about Theatre events can be found on the ATU Department of Communication and Journalism Facebook page at

 Past Productions

Recordings of past shows are available on the following sites:

Past Productions Photo Archive


Arkansas Radio Theatre

The Arkansas Radio Theatre is dedicated to audio-only productions of new plays and adaptations of classic literature.  It operates in association with the Arkansas Tech University Department of Communication and Journalism.  Performances showcase Arkansas Tech University actors, directors, and writers.  The Radio Theatre is unusual, if not unique, among U.S. institutions of higher learning. To learn more or listen to the archive visit the program's web page.

 Arkansas Radio Theatre


Auditions & Announcements

For more information about the auditions, contact Prof. Frances Roberson, Director of the Theatre program.







Arkansas Tech Theatre is supported by the College of Arts & Humanities.  While this funding covers productions, we depend on donors to support the ATU Theatre Foundation Fund.  This account serves the Theatre Program by allowing for large-scale purchases, student events, and travel to conferences and competitions. 


 Dr. Ardith Morris

Dr. Ardith A. Morris,

Retired Professor and Honorary Chairperson of Fundraising, ATU Theatre





Prof. Frances Roberson
(479) 964-0890