Student Learning Outcomes

Requirements for Fulfillment of College Distinction in the Department of Communication and Media Studies



Students will perform diagnostic communication activities.

Students will create and present effective arguments.

Students will prepare original research presentable through an appropriate medium.

Students will communicate effectively orally and through writing (General Education Objective).



Students will plan and create performances using realistic (Stanislavskian) acting technique.

Students will compose scripts using Aristotelian principles.

Students will apply production techniques to plays or films.

Students will produce short films or live scenes as a means of visual storytelling.

Students will participate in department-wide films or plays.



Students think critically, creatively, ethically, legally and independently about their work and the work of industry professionals.

Students understand characteristics of various media formats and demonstrate how to effectively use each to reach intended audiences.

Students demonstrate knowledge of media’s role in society, community and the democratic process, and will evaluate the accuracy and context of information.

Students will demonstrate knowledge of diversity in relation to mass communication.

Students will communicate forms and styles accurately, objectively and using correct style/grammar for media professions and the audiences they serve.


Digital Content Creation

Students will demonstrate understanding of public relations principles and the ability to plan a campaign.

Students will employ fundamental film-making skills including plot structure, shot planning, camera work, and editing.

Students will use theories related to the functioning of social media communication.

Students will employ digital communication effectively and ethically.

Students will build, leverage, and monetize an online presence.