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Spoken language is the genesis of human intellect and becomes the defining characteristic of our species as the mind is built through conversations with significant others. Judgments are made of character, intelligence and potential upon listening to an individuals talk. The most articulate among us are given positions of power within relationships, groups, and organizations. Language in the grasp of a skilled speaker becomes a powerful tool for influence and leadership. It is for such roles in a myriad of communication channels that we endeavor to prepare our students through advising, coursework, training, activities, and modeling ethical behavior. The media extend our domain beyond the immediate range of our voice to the ether. The power of speech and the range of media mandate that we teach our students to transmit only high quality messages.



Degrees and Programs



This program focuses on the theory and practice of communication through multiple avenues of hands-on and discussion-based instruction.

Speech Education

Advanced work through teaching internships are required for the program to achieve the licensure requirements in grades 7 through 12.


The curriculum provides opportunities for experiential learning through required practicum courses in an on-campus lab setting through TV, Radio, or Multimedia outlets.

Master of Arts in Multimedia Journalism

 Journalists familiar with the new media are able to expand their story telling ability with the incorporation of new media to provide stories with historical, political, and cultural contexts.



Theatre Program


Broadcast Productions

Student Organizations

External Reviewers' Comments for the 2011-12 Program Review of B.A. in Speech






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