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 The College of Arts and Humanities is dedicated to the study of the human experience. It offers a diverse community of students the opportunity to develop skills in research, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.  The college also provides its students exposure to the latest technologies that enhance and expand human relationships and engages them in an exploration of ethics, aesthetics, human behavior, global relationships, and the meaning of independent, responsible citizenship.  At its core, the College of Arts and Humanities is committed to developing the life-long learning habits of its students and empowering them with the ability to secure happiness and success both personally and professionally.








Welcome! The College of Arts and Humanities is the human core of Arkansas Tech. Our students and faculty are dedicated to the study of human expression and human relationships. We invite you to explore our many opportunities for creative expression, service learning, study abroad, and interdisciplinary collaboration and hope you will join us at the human core of ATU.





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game design


Featured Program

Game and Interactive Media Design

Housed in the Art Department, the Game and Interactive Media Design degree introduces students to the cutting edge of visual communication arts and the latest in the interactive digital technology sciences. The program prepares students for work in the video game and entertainment industries as well as a broad range of fields requiring skills in animation, simulation, programming, web design, editing, mobile application development, interactive environment construction, and story formation.





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