Television policy


This policy book is designed to aid the personnel at Tech Television in understanding studio operation. It is designed to answer questions on studio operation and procedures. This book contains various facets of studio policy and operation, and should be consulted when conditions need or warrant.  This policy book is intended to improve communication within the studio and improve the general quality of the studio as a whole. Any questions concerning the policy book should be referred to the Director of Broadcasting.
All broadcasts on Tech Television are subject to the policies of this book, even programs that are not listed or named in this book.

General Information About Tech Television

Tech Television is governed by its own policies, as explained in this book, as well as policies of the Speech Theatre, and Journalism Department and Arkansas Tech University.  The laws pertaining to educational access cable by local, State and Federal agencies also govern Tech Television. 
The mission of Tech Television is to provide the Russellville cable-subscribing households of Russellville, Arkansas with noncommercial information and entertainment programming.  This public includes the residents of Russellville, Pottsville, and the students of Arkansas Tech University.  The public may also include webcast viewers.

In addition, Tech Television endeavors to provide an opportunity for the students of Arkansas Tech University to participate in all aspects of television production, gain experience in the field of broadcasting, develop visual skills, learn news writing skills, and create programming that fosters ideas of creative expression.
Studio Telephone: (479) 964-0810
Fax number: (479) 968-0641 
Engineering: (479) 968-0347
Studios and Offices:  Crabaugh 116 & 119
Engineering:  Crabaugh 106
Mailing Address: 
ATU Broadcast Productions
CRA 106
Russellville, AR  72801
World Wide Web:
All policies are subject to change by the Director of Broadcasting.

Last Reviewed:  Wednesday, February 3, 2010