General Education Committee


Membership: One faculty member elected from each college including the supernumerary voting block, one from the Ozark Campus, one faculty member appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, one faculty member appointed by the Chair of the Faculty Senate, one faculty member appointed by the Chair of the Assessment Committee, the Director of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness as an ex officio member, and one ex officio student member selected by the Student Government Association. Faculty membership restricted to regular faculty. Administratively appointed members should not serve successive terms. A term equals three years.

Function: Exercise oversight of general education: regularly assess the degree to which the University is meeting the stated general education goals, review general education goals and requirements, evaluate proposals that affect general education, and clearly and publicly articulate the purposes, content, and intended learning outcomes of general education.

Terms will be staggered. Initial members will draw to determine length of initial terms, one, two, or three years. Appointed members will serve for a term of three years, excepting initial members who will draw for terms of one, two, or three years. The Vice President for Academic Affairs shall appoint one faculty member to the committee. Vacancies of elected members will be filled by appointment by the Dean of the College represented by the member. Vacancies of appointed members will be filled by the responsible party.

Officers will be elected at the first meeting of the committee (Chair, Chair-elect, and Secretary). In subsequent years, the Chair-elect will move forward to assume the Chair position. A new Chair-elect and Secretary will be elected at the first meeting of the committee at the beginning of the academic year. The Chair and the Chair-elect shall work closely together to carry out the responsibilities of the committee and to provide a sense of continuity from one year to the next. The initial committee membership and officers shall work together to delineate formal lines of responsibility where needed or desired. The Chair will have three hours of release time per fall and spring semester.


Purpose: In accomplishing its purpose, the responsibilities of the General Education Committee shall include but not be limited to:

The General Education Committee will assume responsibility for general education assessment from the Assessment Committee. In order for the General Education Committee to make informed decisions about general education goals, policy, and requirements, the General Education Committee must be directly involved in assessing general education outcomes. The General Education Committee should directly determine the types of information it needs to effectively and efficiently carry out its oversight role.


The General Education Committee should consult with the relevant members of the campus community to improve the assessment and attainment of general education goals.


The General Education Committee will lead a focused review of general education goals, approximately every 5 years, to be reported to the Assessment Committee.


All proposals which affect general education should first be evaluated by the General Education Committee. Proposals regarding curriculum are then forwarded to the Curriculum Committee with the General Education Committees recommendations.


The committee should work with the departments or organizations involved in the proposals to coordinate any proposed changes before forwarding the proposal to the Curriculum Committee.


The General Education Committee will be responsible for ensuring that the purposes, content, and intended learning outcomes of general education are clearly and publicly articulated.


Current general education goals: The general education curriculum is designed to provide a foundation for knowledge common to educated people and to develop the capacity for an individual to expand that knowledge over his or her lifetime. Students who have completed the general education curriculum at Arkansas Tech University will be able to:


Communicate effectively

Apply scientific and quantitative reasoning

Think critically

Develop ethical perspectives

Demonstrate knowledge of the arts and humanities



General Education Committee Minutes