Athletics Committee

Membership:  Three faculty members elected at large, two faculty members and the Great American Conference representative appointed by the President, one student selected from the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and one student selected by the Student Government Association. The two appointed faculty members should serve no more than three successive terms as at large members. The Great American Conference representative may serve up to six consecutive terms. A term equals one year.

Function:  Promote and foster the athletics interests of Arkansas Tech University in a manner that is consistent with the educational standards of the institution, help provide additional oversight of the institution’s intercollegiate athletics program, and serve as an advisory body for the faculty on matters concerning the intercollegiate athletics program. Student athlete appeals of violations relating to NCAA guidelines and appeals of loss of scholarships will be heard by the Athletics Committee faculty members. The GAC representative (i.e., Faculty Athletics Representative) will contact the President’s Office to initiate a meeting with the President at least once each fall, spring, and summer session.

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