Standing Committees


Faculty committees facilitate the orderly functioning of the institution by employing the many talents of the faculty, students, and administration working together.  

University-Wide Standing Committees


Budget Advisory Committee

Commencement Committee

Emergency Management and Safety Committee

General Education Committee 

Institutional Aid Committee

Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Technology Committee


Russellville Campus Standing Committees


Academic Appeals Committee

Admissions, Academic Standards, and Student Honors


Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation Team (CARE Team)

Campus Space and Utilization Committee

Committee on Adjunct Support


Equity and Diversity Committee

Faculty Salary, Benefits, and Awards

Faculty Senate

Faculty Welfare

Graduate Council

Honors Council

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)

Institutional Biosafety Committee

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Institutional Scholarship Appeals Committee

Library, Instructional Materials, and Equipment

Professional Development Committee

Sexual Misconduct Hearing Board

Staff Senate

Student Affairs

Student Learning Assessment Committee

Student Services Conduct Board

Teacher Education Council

Technology Prioritization and Software Review Committee 

Ozark Campus Standing Committees


Academic Appeals and Admissions



Faculty Senate

Promotion and Rank



Staff Senate