Retention Committee



The primary mission of the Ozark Campus Retention Committee is to retain students by devising common sense, campus-wide strategies that empower students to persist to graduation or go on to a four-year university. 

A secondary purpose is to raise awareness of retention issues and programs among staff and faculty, for it takes a campus, not a retention director, to retain a student.

Accordingly, the retention committee is made up of a mixture of staff, faculty, and administrators. Purpose-driven, the committee meets irregularly throughout each semester.  Anyone who has questions or comments about retention issues is welcome to contact retention committee chairperson Mike Bogue at (479) 508-3368 or


  • Mike Bogue, Chair, Coordinator of Student Success
  • Jessica Birchler, Coordinator of Advising, Testing and Records
  • Jody Chrisman, Industrial Control Systems
  • Gwen Faulkenberry, English
  • Richard Harris, Chief Student Officer
  • Trina Hayes, Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Kristie Moore, Librarian
  • Mike Murders, Chief Academic Officer
  • Brenda Shoop, Assessment Coordinator