General Education Review


General Education

Ongoing Program Review and Improvements



In the fall of 2020, Arkansas Tech University's General Education Committee began a multi-semester process to review and update its General Education program. Faculty input is crucial to this process, and this website is designed to communicate the ongoing process of improvement and revision as we assess and reassess the General Education program.

From fall 2020 to Spring 2023, a campus-wide discussion about the General Education program took place, which generated a proposal to expand the goals of General Education beyond the six currently-established skills featured on this website. As we enter Fall 2023 the focus of General Education improvement has shifted to expanding our assessment practices into a more robust model that assessess student growth from freshman to senior year, and to create a culture of conversation amongst faculty and administrators regarding the data that we collect. These goals align with the larger goal of shifting perceptions of General Education away from a set of state-mandated classes to the skills that enable Arkansas Tech University graduates to excell in their personal and professional lives.