2022 Graduate Research Symposium


Congratulations to our winners



1st place - Carice Godbey - Fisheries and Wildlife Science 

"How Do Site Characteristics of Arkansas River Sandbars Affect Potential       
 Predators of Interior Least Tern Nesting Colonies?"

Carice’s exploratory analysis used generalized additive models to identify the relationships of major avian and mammalian predator groups with eight site characteristics and interior least tern reproductive success. 



2nd place Claire



2nd place - Claire Kerr - Student Affairs Administration

"First Generation Students: How This Subculture Chooses Their Higher Education

Understanding first-generation students and how they choose their higher education institution is important as the population of first-generation students is rising.  








3rd Place - Katina Ray-Simpson, PhD Graduand - School of Leadership

"The Science of Reading Training on the NWEA MAP Test Scores of African American   Students in a Central Arkansas School District"

Katina's quantitative, causal-comparative study examined if the Science of Reading training was effective in improving the reading scores of African American students on the NWEA Map Test in grades 1, 2, and 3 in Tier I, II, and III schools in a Central Arkansas school district. 



 Thank you to all our participants: 


A web user interface image processing tool for classifying the extent of dementia across Alzheimer’s

Sathvik Prasad Palyam


Fake Profile Detection on social media using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

Edidiong Akpan


The Importance of Academic Advising: The Good, The Bad, & The Influence


Sierra N. Smith


CSP 1013 and TECH 1001 Assessment for Fall 2020


Brian Mallory

Holly Haynes

Amber Robinett


What makes a CERT program successful and effective?


Dempsey Kraft

Wade Aaron Baker


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We are very thankful to our judges who have graciously volunteered their time to participate in this event in an attempt to help students in developing professionalism in their presentation of research.


Dr. Cheryl Monfee, Professor Nursing

Chris Sheach, Professor of Emergency Management

Dr. Ekong Peters, Assistant Professor of Emergency Management

Dr. Gina Kraft, Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education