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The Graduate Council shall be the body responsible for determining policy and establishing standards, criteria, regulations, and procedures for graduate study in accordance with policies of the Board of Trustees.

Graduate Addendum: The preceding chapters also relate to the graduate program and graduate faculty; the information delineĀ­ated in this section of the Faculty Handbook relates primarily to the organizational structure and governĀ­ance of the graduate program.  Academic regulations exclusive to the graduate program and omitted from this Handbook are compiled in the current issue of the Arkansas Tech University Graduate Catalog. 

Items for Graduate Council Meeting _____________: 
  • Agenda
  • Minutes
  • Non-Regular Non-Affiliated Faculty Nominations
  • Non-Regular Faculty Nominations
  • Renewal of Regular Faculty
  • Regular Faculty Nominations
Archived Documents: Members, Agendas, Minutes, Faculty Approvals, and Course Additions/Deletions and Modifications