CETL Advisory Board

Membership: Director of CETL who serves as chair (ex officio), one tenured faculty member elected from each college (including the supernumerary group), and two elected at-large faculty members (one tenured, one untenured). Elected faculty will serve staggered, three year terms.

Function: The purpose of the CETL Advisory Board is to provide faculty input and to help guide the continued development of the Center. The Advisory Board will meet at least once per semester.

2020-2021 Membership:

3-year term: Jeremy Schwehm (SN), Lisa Harless (NHS)

2 year term: Patrick Hagge (AH), Stephen Jones (BA), Julie Mikles-Schluterman (AL)

1-year term: Tim Leggett (ED), Beth Gray (EAS), Jordan Thibodeaux (AL)



Oct. 29, 2020 - agenda, minutes (draft)

Sept. 24, 2020 - agenda, minutes

August 13, 2020 - minutes

March 5, 2020 - agenda

Oct. 17, 2019 - agenda

Sept. 12, 2019 - agenda


 Annual Report: