Fall 2019 program schedule


Know Your IX. Stop by one of these informational meetings to learn about your rights under Title IX, where and how to report cases of sexual misconduct, and opportunities for getting involved in sexual assault and relationship violence prevention on campus. Know Your IX is On Track for Active Mind and Body!


Active Bystander Training. We all have the ability to step in and speak up when we observe concerning behavior. This workshop focuses on practical things you can do to safely intervene in troubling circumstances. Active Bystander Training is On Track for Active Mind and Body!


Survivor Support 101. When we consider how many people are impacted by sexual and relationship violence, there is a good chance someone might disclose his or her own experience to you. This workshop explores the impacts of violence, resources available, and practical things you can do and say to support the survivors in your life. Survivor Support 101 is On Track for Active Mind and Body!


Jana's Campaign. Jana's Campaign is a national education and violence prevention organization with the single mission of reducing gender and relationship violence. Folllowing the murder of their daughter Jana Mackey, Drs. Curt and Christie Brungardt have traveled the country promoting gender and relationship violence prevention. While both programs are geared toward particular audiences, people of all gender identities and expressions are welcome to attend either.


Combating Rape Culture. How do music, advertisements, movies, and TV impact the way we view sexual violence? What practical steps can we take to fight rape culture in our spheres of influence? This workshop takes a look at the deep roots of gender-based violence and provides attendees with practical tools for dismantling myths about sexual violence encountered in everyday life.


Survivor Support 2.0: Neurobiology of Trauma. Trauma can impact a person's brain, body, and memory in a number of (sometimes very confusing!) ways. This presentation will examine the neurobiology of trauma, specifically trauma from sexual or relationship violence. We will discuss how the body and brain respond to traumatic events and re-frame distressing symptoms and behaviors to emphasize how individuals adapt to overwhelming stress. Armed with this knowledge, participants will be better able to support survivors of sexual and relationship violence by understanding some of the weird subconscious things we do in the wake of trauma.


To schedule a training or for more information about Title IX and opportunities for involvement, please contact the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Educational Outreach and Training, Stacy Galbo, at (479) 964-0583 ext. 4714 or



The Title IX office is responsible for providing educational training programs to assist members of the University community in understanding discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, and how to address behaviors that violate University policy.


As a result of Title IX Education and Outreach Efforts, students will:
  1. Gain knowledge and understanding of how to navigate instances of sexual misconduct.

  2. Recognize that the Title IX Office is committed to fostering campus cultures of respect free from gender-based discrimination.

  3. Become empowered to safely intervene when problematic behavior is observed.

Training and education are fundamental to maintaining an environment free from discriminatory harassment and retaliation. The Title IX office maintains information that explains in simple, understandable terms the University’s policies and procedures concerning discrimination, harassment, and retaliation and will maintain copies of the brochures in the Title IX office and at other offices where persons are likely to seek counseling and advice regarding discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

Managers, supervisors, faculty, deans, directors, and department heads are responsible for informing employees who are under their direction or supervision of the University's policies prohibiting discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.