Contact the Office of Title IX at ATU


Report a violation

Amy N. Pennington
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator
Doc Bryan Student Services Center, Suite 233
Russellville, AR 72801
(479) 968-0407

Deputy Title IX Coordinators

The university has designated Deputy Title IX Coordinators to assist the Title IX Coordinator. Contact information for the Deputy Title IX Coordinators is below:

Mitzi Reano*
Project/Program Specialist and Deputy Title IX Coordinator-Ozark Campus
Human Resources
Technology and Academic Support Building, Room 154
(479) 667-2117 ext. 6532

Ashlee Leavell
Assistant Dean for Student Wellness and Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Disability and Testing Services
[Focus-Discrimination based upon pregnancy]
Doc Bryan Student Services Center, Suite 141
(479) 968-0302

Melissa Riffle
Director of Human Resources and AA/EEO Officer/Deputy Title IX Coordinator
[Focus-All types of protected class discrimination]
Brown Hall, Suite 434
(479) 964-0583 ext. 2200


After the Title IX Coordinator has received a written complaint alleging sexual or gender-based discrimination, she assigns an Investigator to the case. Investigators are neutral fact-finders who work to complete investigations that are unbiased and impartial. The following investigators have been designated by the University to look into Title IX-related allegations:

William Titsworth
Assistant Dean for Student Conduct/Lead Investigator
Doc Bryan Student Services Center, Suite 233
(479) 968-0239

*Mitzi Reano also serves as an Investigator in addition to her duties as Deputy Title IX Coordinator.