Contact the Office of Title IX at ATU


Title IX Coordinator

The University has designated Amy Pennington as Title IX Coordinator, with overall responsibility for oversight of the University's compliance with and obligations under Title IX, including, but not limited to, obligations to investigate and respond to allegations of gender-based discrimination. Contact information for the Title IX Coordinator is below. To report an incident to the Title IX Office, please contact the Title IX Coordinator or any Deputy Title IX Coordinators, or complete the online reporting form by clicking the button below.

Report a violation

Amy N. Pennington
Associate Vice President/Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator
Student Affairs
[Focus-Gender discrimination, including sexual misconduct]
Doc Bryan Student Services Center, Suite 233
1605 Coliseum Drive
Russellville, AR 72801
(479) 968-0407


Deputy Title IX Coordinators

The university has designated Deputy Title IX Coordinators to assist the Title IX Coordinator. Contact information for the Deputy Title IX Coordinators is below:

Stacy Galbo*
Assistant Dean for Student Conduct/Deputy Title IX Coordinator/Investigator
Title IX Office
[Focus-Gender discrimination, including sexual misconduct]
Doc Bryan Student Services Center, Suite 233
(479) 964-0583 ext. 4714

Mitzi Reano*
Project/Program Specialist and Deputy Title IX Coordinator-Ozark Campus
Human Resources
[Focus-All types of protected class discrimination]
Technology and Academic Support Building, Room 154
(479) 667-2117 ext. 6532

Ashlee Leavell
Assistant Dean for Student Wellness and Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Disability and Testing Services
[Focus-Discrimination based upon pregnancy]
Doc Bryan Student Services Center, Suite 141
(479) 968-0302

Melissa Riffle
Director of Human Resources and AA/EEO Officer/Deputy Title IX Coordinator
[Focus-All types of protected class discrimination]
Brown Hall, Suite 434
(479) 968-0583 ext. 2200



After the Title IX Coordinator has received a written complaint alleging sexual or gender-based discrimination, she assigns an Investigator to the case. Investigators are neutral fact-finders who work to complete investigations that are unbiased and impartial. The following investigators have been designated by the University to look into Title IX-related allegations:

William Titsworth
Assistant Dean for Student Conduct/Lead Investigator
Doc Bryan Student Services Center, Suite 233
(479) 968-0239


*Stacy Galbo and Mitzi Reano, also serve as Investigators in addition to their duties as Deputy Title IX Coordinators.