Travel Card (TCard) 

The Travel Card Program provides travelers a safe, effective, convenient, and commercially available method to pay for expenses incidental to official travel, including local travel. The travel card is intended for official state travel. The card should never be used for personal purchases or to pay for someone else's travel expenses.

It is a State sponsored credit card used for making purchases related to official University travel such as:

Non-Allowable Charges include, but are not limited to:

Staff and faculty travel meals remain a reimbursable expense and may not be applied to the TCard. A full-time employee who travels frequently and/or travels with students, may become a cardholder with approval from his or her department and V.P.. If you would like more information about Tech's TCard program, please give us a call at 356-6209.

An ATU employee traveling with students can request approval to charge meals on his or her TCard. This approval must be obtained from Arkansas Tech Administration and the Department of Finance and Administration Accounting Office. If you feel that your circumstances warrant charging meals to your TCard, please contact our office to initiate the approval process. 

As an agency of the State of Arkansas, Arkansas Tech University is participating in this program that is designed to help reduce the amount of personal travel funds needed to purchase (airline tickets, baggage fees, lodging, parking, rental car fees, and shuttles). It is intended that the TCard be issued to University full- time employees to enhance the University and departmental effectiveness. Liability for payment, total responsibility, and accountability for TCard transactions resides at the department level. Personal purchases are strictly forbidden and may result in disciplinary action.

TCard Manual


Departmental TCard Agreement


TCard Holder Resources