This page is dedicated to faculty and staff travel that does not involve students such as conference travel and travel between ATU campuses and locations. It contains links to forms and resources that may be necessary or helpful as you plan your trip and submit your documentation for reimbursement.

October 2018 to September 2019 Meals and Lodging Per Diem

October 2019 to September 2020 Meals and Lodging Per Diem


Procedures and Guidelines

State-owned vehicles should be used when available, if the most economical.

If a state-owned vehicle is not available, utilize the Trip Optimizer to determine most cost effective method. WEX fuel cards are available for rental car fuel and may only be used by those renting a 15-passenger van or traveling out of state in a rental vehicle. Please contact Travel Services or Facilities Management with any questions.  


Vehicle Usage

Personal Vehicles and Insurance Coverage - Employees should be aware that when using personal vehicles on state business, their personal automobile insurance is the primary coverage. It is the responsibility of the employee to contact their insurance agent to confirm if "business use" coverage is required. In no circumstances does the State of Arkansas insurance contract provide physical damage coverage for personal vehicles.

Accidents and Traffic Violations - Drivers must report ALL accidents and traffic violations, while operating a State vehicle and/or driving on State business in ANY vehicle, immediately to Facilities Management Motor Pool Office at 479-968-0261. If the Motor Pool office is closed, the driver must report all accidents in state vehicles immediately to the claims office listed below.
Bancorp South Insurance Services Monday-Friday 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. 501-664-7705

After hours accident and claims reporting 501-664-9252

Mileage Charts - The use of mileage from these charts, does not require a printed route map be submitted with the TR1. When claiming mileage remember that it must be the shortest major highway route. If your official station is closer to your destination than your home, then you must use your official station as the starting point for mileage calculation, and vice versa. Also, if your destination is within the city listed, but is farther than mileage shown please submit a printed route map with your TR1.



Electronic Travel Requisition - For Use by Ozark Employees Only

Ozark Campus Mileage

Motor Pool Reservation Instructions - For Use by Ozark Employees Only




Space Rental

Rental of space, such as a booth rental, should done by entering a travel requisition to the vendor offering the space with details of the rental listed in the document text. 

If you have questions about any travel related procedure, please see our FAQ page or give us a call at 479-356-6209.