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Who We Are

Welcome to Travel Services for Arkansas Tech University. We offer information on travel policies and procedures and customer service to assist the university community in navigating the travel planning and reimbursement process. This includes business, educational, athletic, and international travel. Our goal is to assist faculty, staff, and students as we support the Tech mission of providing opportunities for progressive intellectual development and civic engagement. We offer training opportunities both online and in-person and audit travel documents.




Beginning April 1, 2018 an agenda for your conference/meeting is to be included with any airfare booking to meet audit requirements. 

An approval signature is now required on the Departmental Copy of your Travel Purchase Order. Please ask your supervisor to sign this PO and submit it with your reimbursement request to Travel Services. 

A Domestic GSA Per Diem Chart is now available and if your destination is included in this chart, a print out from the GSA website for your destination’s meal and lodging allowances is no longer necessary.

Updated Mileage Charts for Russellville, Ozark, ATCC, Lake Point and Hwy 124 Warehouse. Use of mileage from these charts does not require a printed route map be submitted.








Travel Guidelines

  • Seek approval to travel from your department head, dean, or V.P.
  • Search for flights that would correspond with days traveling.
  • Seek rental car approval if necessary.
  • Create a requisition to US Bank for any lodging, flight, or car rental placed on the TCard with the following
    • Traveler name(s)
    • Where you are going
    • Why you are going
    • When you are going.
  • Create a requisition to your T number for any allowable expenses that you will incur on your personal credit card with the following information
  • Traveler name(s)
  • Where you are going
  • Why you are going
  • When you are going
  • Estimated total for each of the following: Lodging (if applicable), baggage, taxi, parking, meals, mileage.
  • Anticipate the excitement of your trip!

 • Keep all itemized receipts for all expenses.
• Obtain “zero balance” hotel bill upon check-out.

Student Groups

• All itemized receipts must be obtained for student groups including meal receipts.
• Students must sign a log if cash is received for meals. The log will serve as a receipt for reimbursement and should be submitted with the completed TR1.

  • Welcome home!
  • Verify your meal amounts on the GSA per diem chart.
  • Complete a TR-1 with any of the following necessary information
    • Lodging
    • Flight
    • Meals
    • Mileage
    • Shuttle
    • Parking
    • Taxi
    • Baggage
    • Incidentals
  • Attach all receipts from your travel for reimbursement. Meal receipts are not required.
  • Seek approval of your TR-1 from your Dept. Head, Dean or V.P.
  • Submit your TR-1, receipts, and any additional paperwork to Travel Services located at Young Building Ste. 102
  • Travel Services will be in contact via email or phone with any questions about your documentation.