Student Travel

This page is dedicated to providing information needed in order to accurately request student travel arrangements at Arkansas Tech University. Below you will find the necessary links to process requests, book your travel needs, and comply with student travel guidelines at ATU. Faculty, staff, and students are responsible for following all travel guidelines within their department. 

Registered Student Organization (RSO)

If you are traveling for a Student Organization, please refer to the links below on how to book your travel, how to register through theLink, who is the responsible party while on the trip, and the rules associated with traveling for university-related trips.  The below student acknowledgement should be signed when booking your travel.

Travel purchased using Agency funds may not be placed on an individual or departmental TCard. ATU holds a designated TCard for these purchases and the Agency Travel Request Form must be submitted. Common items placed on this Tcard are airline tickets and vehicle rental. Lodging and meals are not typically placed on this card as those transactions require the card to be present at time of purchase. The Agency Check Request may be used for those reimbursable items. Please complete the check request prior to travel to ensure fund availability for reimbursement. 

Non-Athletic Travel

State-supported institutions of higher education may provide travel expenses for groups when those who instruct the students accompany them.  The sponsor/instructor must complete a Travel Requisition to Bank of America (T01007859) for lodging, meals, rental car (if applicable) by estimating expenses for the entire group.  A written explanation of the activities for these individuals should be noted on the Travel Requisition in the document text field. If needed, a Travel Requisition can be completed to the sponsor/instructor’s T Number for a group cash advance and is calculated as 90% of total estimated expenses. All receipts must be turned in to Travel Services. If money remains out of the cash advance, it must be deposited back into the correct budget at Student Accounts and the receipt turned into Travel Services. Student group travel may be used only for off-campus events and is restricted to students and official faculty/staff members only.