Travel Forms and Resources 

Frequently Used...

Travel Requisition Entry Manual

GSA Meal and Lodging Rates

Travel Reimbursement Form-TR1 (Excel)

TR1 Instructions

Driver Authorization Form

Mileage Chart                                                                                                                     

Calculate Mileage-Google Maps

Rental Car Instructions

Travel Policy 

Travel Procedural Manual

Non-State Employee Travel Form

T-Card Employee Agreement

T-Card Manual

T-Card Log

T-Card Log Instructions


Currency Converter

Day Travel-Without-Overnight Stay Form

Departmental Travel Card Agreement

Conference Registration Using Pcard

Employee Moving 

After-the-Fact Memo         

Motor Pool Policy

Moving Reimbursement Request Form

Official Function Request Memo

State of Arkansas Travel Regulations

Travel Reimbursement Direct Deposit-Contact the Controller's Office with questions

Vehicle Safety Guidelines