Non State Employee and Applicant Travel

State of Arkansas Travel Regulations require that a Non-State Employee form be completed and submitted with each TR1 request for reimbursement. Groups that are too large to fit on one form, may attach the list of travelers to the form on a separate sheet of paper. 

Applicant Travel

Submitting Applicant Travel for Reimbursement.

All expenses related to Applicant Travel are reimbursed only and as policy and guidelines permit. ATU does not book or direct bill any travel arrangements for applicants.

  1. Enter a requisition for all allowable reimbursements to the Applicant Travel T number T01000856 prior to the travel. A PO must be in place before the applicant arrives on campus.
  2. If any mileage will be requested by the applicant, or a rental vehicle obtained. Complete and submit a Driver Authorization Form. If a rental is to be obtained, an email must be sent to to request approval for the rental, per AR State Travel Policy.
  3. Obtain all original itemized receipts from the applicant. If airfare is used, the airfare receipt must have the traveler name, ticket number and airfare price.
  4. While the applicant is here: Complete the TR-1 and obtain the applicant’s signature. If they are unwilling to sign the TR-1 while here, please provide them with a stamped envelope to return the TR-1 with original signature and any other original itemized receipts.
  5. Complete the Non-State Form.
  6. Submit signed Departmental Copy of the PO, original itemized receipts, completed and signed TR-1, and Non-state Form to Travel Services for processing.

If the applicant has a meal that is provided during an official function, the Official Function Request Form must be completed for reimbursement to the employee who purchased the meal. 


Actual Expense Form