Non-State Employee and Applicant Travel 

State of Arkansas Travel Regulations require that a Non-State Employee formbe completed and submitted with each TR1 request for reimbursement. Groups that are too large to fit on one form, may attach the list of travelers to the form on a separate sheet of paper. 

Applicant Travel

Academic Affairs has established guidelines for applicant travel requests.  Please contact Academic Affairs with questions concerning these guidelines. If you need to submit an applicant travel request, please do so by entering a requisition using the Applicant Travel T number (T01000856). Complete the TR1 using the applicant's name and mailing address in the Name of Payee and Home Address fields. If state funds are being used to reimburse applicants for mileage, parking, or fuel, then a Driver Authorization Form must also be completed and submitted to Travel Services.


Actual Expense Form