International Travel

Prior to travel all international travel requires the approval of the traveler's Vice President.

Before you Travel

  1. Complete a requisition to your T number for the reimbursable expenses you will incur on your trip and a requisition to Bank of America for charges that will be applied to your TCard. If you report to Academic Affairs, fill out the Academic Affairs Travel Request.

  2. Create a memo proposal explaining the following:
    1. Destination of travel
    2. Details of the trip and an explanation of why it is necessary
    3. Dates of travel
    4. Send the request and memo to Academic Affairs for approval
  3.  After all approvals are granted, you may begin booking your trip. You are encouraged to use a travel agency when making international arrangements. You may contact Worldview Travel at the contact information below for assistance. Consult with the travel agent to purchase all applicable travel insurance for your trip.

    Debbie Myers 479-264-1934

    Lorraine Bennett 508-875-7776


During Your Travel

  • Obtain all receipts for university-related travel expenses
  • Obtain a zero balance lodging receipt


After Your Travel

  1. Complete a TCard transaction log for any charges placed on the Travel Card.
  2. Complete a TR1 for any reimbursable expenses. 
  3. Attach receipts to the respective forms. After signatures have been obtained, submit the following to Travel Services:
    1. TR1
    2. Receipts
    3. Memos
    4. Currency exchange rate
    5. GSA per diem allowance and any other necessary paperwork

Travel Services will contact you via email or phone with any questions concerning your submitted documentation. 



U.S. Department of State-Travel Information