Common Reasons Exemption Requests are NOT Approved

  1. Already Signed a LeaseStudents who sign leases without having received an “approved” email from the ATU Department of Residence Life will still be responsible for fulfilling the on-campus housing requirement. You are advised to not sign a lease unless you have received an email from our office indicating that you are exempt from the housing requirement.  

  2. Allergies and/or AsthmaMany students come to campus with allergies, asthma, or some other type of chronic health problem. Some students develop allergies after they arrive due to the new environment. Although many students have allergies, it is rarely the basis for an exemption as it does not prevent them from living and academically achieving in the residence halls. In severe cases of allergies and asthma, the University can usually offer some type of accommodations that can help, such as year-round air conditioning, a single room, an air purifier (purchased by the student), etc., in addition to whatever medications or strategies are prescribed by their physician. While we do not attempt to ensure that all allergic symptoms are eliminated, we will do what we can to provide accommodations that help alleviate the symptoms in severe cases. Students who need an accommodation due to allergies, asthma, or any type of chronic health problem should contact the Office of Disability Services 

  3. AnxietyThe transition into college can be a stressful one, but our residence hall staff is trained to assist our students through such transitions and do so in a supportive environment. It is not uncommon for college students to face some level of anxiety; there are many resources on campus – Student Health and Wellness Center – that are available to assist our students through their college transition. Unless it can be documented that the student’s anxiety is unique and severe enough to warrant an exemption, such requests are typically not approved.  

  4. Bad Experience with Roommates or Floor-matesThe staff of Residence Life wants students to have a rich and rewarding residence hall experience. Sometimes, however, roommates are not compatible – even roommates who originally chose to live together. In these cases, we recommend that both roommates work with the hall staff to try to work out their problems or make a room change. An room change process occurs within a couple of weeks after the start of each semester for any resident who would like to make a room change. Living in an undesirable situation can often be avoided by working with the professional residence hall staff to resolve the issue or make an immediate room change.  

  5. FinancesIf a student chooses to attend ATU, there is an assumption that he/she has the financial resources to pay for it. If a change in your financial situation has occurred since signing the residence hall contract, please work with the Office of Financial Aid to see what aid options may be available. Although having both a lease and a residence hall contract could cause a financial difficulty, it is not grounds for an exemption.  

  6. Food/DiningFood Service offers a wide variety of dining options and types of food, including low-fat and vegetarian options. Chartwells can almost always accommodate students who are on special diets and have food allergies (including gluten and dairy). Contact Chartwells at 479-498-6033 for more information.  

  7. Lack of PrivacyMost students are used to having more privacy at home than they have in the residence halls and this can require a major adjustment. If it is extremely disturbing to the student or if the student is an individual with a disability and needs more privacy for medical reasons, the Office of Disability Services can determine if a reasonable accommodation is necessary.  

  8. Want to Live with a Non-Parent Relative (sibling, cousin, aunt, grandparent, etc.) or Commute from Outside the Approved Commuting DistanceStudents may live full-time and commute from home only under two conditions: 
    1. They will reside full-time with a parent or legal guardian (someone who has applied for and been granted legal guardianship by the court) and 
    2. That parent/legal guardian lives within a 30-mile driving radius of ATU’s Russellville campus. If either of those two conditions are not met, an exemption will not be granted.