Junior High Students Registration

Junior High camp

June 23-27, 2024


       Sunday -           wear your school t-shirt
       Monday -          Hawaiian Day
       Tuesday -          Green & Gold Day
       Wednesday -    wear pink
       Thursday -        wear your band camp t-shirt

Girls - Paine
Boys - Turner

Campus Map

This camp is designed to prepare students for the rigors of high school band, and to get them on great footing for All-Region preparation. Additionally, we look to be able to identify students who have basic playing errors and correct those. This camp introduces electives, which are selected on the first day of camp, as well as private lessons that would take place with a qualified instructor on the given instrument. The daily schedule is more like junior high school, remaining structured at all times. Safety remains our highest priority.

All fees are due by June 9 . We appreciate your full payment when registering.  If you need to make a second payment, please use the same link.
(Even though all information must be entered for 2nd payments, only the payment amount will be processed.)

This camp is designed for students who have completed at least 2 years of band and completed 7th or 8th grade.

Please read all information below BEFORE you click the registration button. For best results when paying the registration fee online, use Firefox or Chrome.  When registering on a phone, do not use your autocomplete as it may not fill in some blanks correctly. 

Please bring the following forms to check-in on Sunday:




Online registration is now closed.  If you need to make a payment and you know your balance, you may call the Student Accounts Office at479-968-0271 to pay.  Their hours are M-Th: 9-3 and Fri: 8-11.  If you would like to register, please contact us by email:  band.camp@atu.edu

Private Lessons are optional.     Online lesson registration is now closed.  If you would like to register for a lesson, please contact us by email:  band.camp@atu.edu.  


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