junior high band camp

Junior High Band Camp

July 10-15, 2017

Dorms for Junior High Camp:
Girls - Baswell (#42 on map below)
Boys - Turner (#10 on map below)

Campus Map

This camp is designed to prepare students for the rigors of high school band, and to get them on great footing for All-Region preparation. Additionally, we look to be able to identify students who have basic playing errors and correct those. This camp introduces electives, which are selected on the first day of camp, as well as private lessons that would take place with a qualified instructor on the given instrument. The daily schedule is more like junior high school, remaining structured at all times. Safety remains our highest priority.

All fees are due by June 26. A payment of at least $50 will hold your place in camp.

To attend this camp, student must either:

  1. Be a 7th, 8th, or 9th grader during the 2016-2017 school year OR
  2. Be a 9th grader attending a Junior High School during the 2016-2017 school year

Please read all information below BEFORE you click the registration button. For best results when paying the registration fee online, use Firefox or Chrome.  When registering on a phone, do not use your autocomplete as it may not fill in some blanks correctly.Subsequent payments may be made by returning to this link.


We must have a Health Form and Camp Waiver on file for each student.    You will need to fax (479-968-0467), email (band.camp@atu.edu), or mail to this address:
ATU Band Camp
WPN 118
407 West Q St.
Russellville, AR  72801

Health Form

Camp Waiver

Private Lessons are optional.  See information in the menu below.
Private lessons are now closed.  If you have questions, please email band.camp@atu.edu.

 Private Lessons

  •  Room & Board Information
    • On-campus students stay in the dorms and all meals (Mon. lunch-Sat. breakfast) are included in the price
    • Off-campus students are those who live locally and choose not to stay overnight in the dorms
    • Off-campus students have the option of choosing a meal plan that includes lunch and supper Monday through Friday.  Cost:  $65
  •  Registration Process

    All on-campus students will register from 10:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. on the first day of camp in the appropriate dorm. If it is necessary for you to be late, please notify us in advance. Otherwise, late arrivals cannot be accommodated. Off-campus students will register at 11:30 a.m. in Witherspoon Lobby. Dorms will be posted by May 15. 

  •  Auditions
    Auditions for bands are held in Witherspoon Hall on Monday. See Tryout Materials at the top of this page for a list. Sight reading will be used for all sessions. Campers are strongly urged to practice tryout material to ensure proper placement in bands. Further information about auditions will be given during the orientation meeting on Monday. 
  •  Optional Private Instruction
    Students may sign up for private lessons at Junior High Camp. These lessons are offered at $25.00 per half-hour lesson. Lessons are scheduled for the student and the instructor is chosen by the camp director. Instructors for these lessons are specialists who are hand selected by the director for their skill and experience on each instrument. Only one lesson per student, please.  See button above to register and pay.
  •  Off Campus Information

    You may purchase a meal plan for your noon and supper meals from the cafeteria. The meal plan includes lunch and supper Monday through Friday of camp (10 meals). The cost is $65. Your registration time is on the Monday of camp at 11:30 a.m. in the lobby of Witherspoon. All off campus students need to check in daily. Students in Junior High are not permitted to sign in themselves. If a parent/guardian is unable to do this, a form (available at registration) may be filled out and signed by the parent stating who has permission to drop off/pick up their child. A sign in/out table will be located in the Camp Business office. Off campus students will be assigned to the nearest dorm of the same sex to use as a place to visit or hang out during their free time.

  •  General Camp Info
    • Things to bring:  instrument mutes or other accessories, linens (sheets, pillow, blanket, towels, wash cloths), toiletries, rain gear, comfortable walking shoes. 
    • Things NOT to bring:  no tobacco products, alcohol, fireworks, skateboards, rollerblades, rollershoes, hoverboards, or laser pointers.  Cell phones must remain off during classes, assemblies, and other camp functions.
    • Dress Code:  typical school clothing.  Shorts are permitted.  ATU building regulations require that shoes be worn in all campus buildings.  Concert uniform is "Sunday Dress" and includes at least a dress shirt and tie for men.  Coats/suits are preferred.  School clothes are appropriate for the dance.
    • We discourage students having any large amounts of cash in their possession.  Checks from parents for spending money may not exceed $20 each.  Checks should be made payable to Arkansas Tech University, not to an individual. 
    • All parents visiting campus during the week of camp need to check in at the camp office, Witherspoon room 165, and receive a visitor name tag before going to the dorms.
    • Student mail during camp should be addressed to:  (name), ATU Summer Music Camp, 407 West Q Street, Witherspoon Rm. 165, Russellville, AR  72801-2222.
    • Sample Camp Schedule
  •  Refunds
    • Full payment must be received two (2) weeks prior to camp start date (June 26, 2017)
    • Refund requests must be emailed to band.camp@atu.edu by 10:30 a.m. on the first day of camp (July 10, 2017).  Refunds will not be allowed, for any reason, after that day and time.
    • A $50.00 administrative fee will be deducted from all refunds.
    • All refunds will be issued in August.
  •  Final Concert Information
    • Students will need to be checked out of the dorm before their concert begins. Please report directly to your child's dorm on Saturday morning.  Any fees for damages or lost keys/swipe cards will be assessed to the camper and the parent will be billed.  Lost key/card fee is $30.
    • All performances will be in Witherspoon Auditorium.  Each band will have a different warm-up and performance time.  Please make sure that you know in which band your child is performing, so you can checkout accordingly.  See Concert Schedule above.
    • Souvenir audio and video recordings of camp performances will be available to order for all camps on the day of the concert.
  •  Student Safety & Conduct

    Campers participating in ATU sponsored camps must remain on the University campus at all times.  Campers may only leave campus with a staff member of the camp, a parent, or a legal guardian, as approved by the Camp Business Office.  This policy shall also apply to commuter campers until the last camp activity of the day has been completed.

    Any act or threat, including profane or abusive language for the purpose of harassing or submitting any one on ATU property to pain, discomfort, or indignity is subject to disciplinary action and will not be tolerated.  This includes racial, ethnic, or sexual harassment, verbal or property abuse, and any conduct that endangers the health, safety, or well being of any band camp member or staff.  All students are expected to adhere to the rules, regulations, and policies of the camp.  Students who fail to comply will be sent home with no refund of fees.