Current Campus Announcements


ATU Custodial Team Plans for Between Semesters

With classes complete for the fall semester, the Arkansas Tech University Office of Facilities Management reports that the ATU custodial team is shifting its emphasis to floor refinishing across campus as well as window cleaning. 

Normal cleaning support will continue across campus, but it may be less frequent than during the semester. Personnel remain available to provide cleaning in any campus facility that needs their services, and this shift in priorities will only persist through the holiday break.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to call (479) 968-0261 if they need any assistance from the ATU custodial team. 

Updated version of online timesheets coming in early 2024 

The Arkansas Tech University Office of Payroll will introduce a new version of the university's online time entry timesheets effective Jan. 22, 2024. 

Demonstration and help sessions will be offered after the holiday break. Details will be announced as they become available.

View the new employee and approver guides for all types of web time entry timesheets at

Call (479) 968-0696 or send e-mail to for more information.

ATU Faculty and Staff Dependents in Grades 9-12 for VIP List

The Arkansas Tech University Office of Admissions is implementing a new software system, Slate, that will allow admissions staff to better communicate with prospective students.

ATU faculty and staff who have dependents currently in grades 9-12 are asked to self-identify to ensure their information is uploaded into Slate and added to the office's VIP list.  

To participate, complete this form with your dependent’s first and last name, e-mail address, date of birth, high school, year of graduation and mailing address:

It is recommended, if possible, an e-mail address that is not associated with the dependent's high school be provided.

ATU faculty and staff with a dependent who is a high school senior and has not received any communication from the ATU Office of Admissions this academic year is asked to send e-mail to in order to ensure prompt and timely communications.

The ATU Office of Admissions has a goal of completing its VIP list prior to the holiday break in December. 


ATU HWC Offers Services to Employees

As flu season begins, the Arkansas Tech University Health and Wellness Center reminds ATU faculty and staff of the services provided to ATU employees.  

For mild injuries and illnesses, employees can be seen by a nurse practitioner for a $25 charge billed to the employee account.  Prescriptions can be called into a local pharmacy as deemed necessary. The ATU Health and Wellness Center also offers common lab work at a reasonable price billed to the employee account or health insurance as requested.  

"The ATU Health and Wellness Center still has limited flu vaccines that are free to all employees, and we encourage everyone to be vaccinated as we have already begun treating patients who are positive for flu," said Kristy Davis, ATU associate dean for student wellness and director of the ATU Health and Wellness Center. "We do not carry the current COVID-19 vaccine, but we encourage everyone to schedule with the local health unit or pharmacy to receive an updated vaccine." 

The ATU Health and Wellness Center is located in Doc Bryan Student Services Center suite 119.

For questions about services, call (479) 968-0329, send e-mail to or visit


Opioid Overdose Rescue Kits Available

In response to Act 811 of the 94th Arkansas General Assembly, opioid overdose rescue kits have been installed at 51 locations across the Arkansas Tech University campus in Russellville. 

The opioid overdose rescue kits contain Naloxone nasal spray and a CPR mask. Rescue kits are labeled “Opioid Overdose Rescue Kit–Naloxone Nasal Spray” and “Opioid Overdose Event Kit” in white or clear boxes affixed to walls next to selected fire extinguishers and/or AED devices in various buildings throughout campus. Detailed instructions for using the kits in the case of an overdose emergency are located inside the boxes. 

Individuals who utilize an opioid overdose rescue kit are asked to make a report by following the QR code located on the box. Training on how and when to use the opioid overdose rescue kits will be provided in at the beginning of the spring 2024 semester. 

The NARCANsas app is available for download with life-saving information and resources on opioid addiction, including how to save a life with Naloxone nasal spray. 

For more information about the opioid overdose rescue kits, contact Lisa Crider, case manager, or Hunter Bramlitt, counselor, in the ATU Health and Wellness Center at (479) 968-0329.


Fall 2024 Sabbatical Assignments Announced

The Arkansas Tech University Division of Academic Affairs has identified four faculty members who will be granted a sabbatical assignment during the fall 2024 semester. 

They are Dr. Kelly Houston Jones, associate professor of history; Dr. Timothy Smith, professor of music; Dr. Ellen Treadway, associate professor of teaching, learning and leadership; and Dr. Thomas Vaughn, professor of communication. 

Any tenured faculty member employed by ATU for six or more years is eligible to apply for a sabbatical assignment. The ATU faculty handbook states that the "purpose of the sabbatical assignment is to promote professional growth of faculty members, better teaching and the overall intellectual environment of the university."

Learn more at

Update on ATU Academic Early Warning Program

Until further notice, the staff in the Arkansas Tech University Center for Academic Advising and Career Development will oversee the ATU Academic Early Warning (AEW) program. 

The AEW program is designed to assist faculty with targeted outreach to students with concerning academic performance and/or class attendance issues. Students referred to the AEW program will receive individualized follow-up by an academic and career advisor. Faculty can refer students to the AEW program via OneTech. The referral link can be found on the "Advising-Faculty" card under "Student Success Tools." 

The AEW Program is a retention initiative intended to connect students to academic support resources early with a goal of improving student success. As such, the reporting dates for the AEW program begin after the sixth day of classes (when schedules are finalized) and end the Friday after mid-term each fall and spring semester. 

For more information, contact Marika Lederman (, associate dean for academic advising and career services, or Cara Knight (, assistant dean for academic advising.

As a reminder, faculty and staff are asked utilize the CARE team for year-round reports of observed behaviors exhibited by distressed individuals. For examples of these types of concerning behaviors, visit or contact Amy Pennington (, CARE team chair, for more information.


Call for Professional Development Grant Proposals

The Arkansas Tech University professional development committee has announced a call for professional development grant proposals for the 2023-2024 academic year.  

All tenure-track, tenured faculty and instructors are encouraged to apply for these funds for domestic and international travel and/or research. Faculty may request funding for as many virtual and/or in-person conferences as desired. Grants will be awarded to faculty and instructors who are conference presenters and attendees or for monies to conduct/disseminate faculty research.     

The application is available at

Applications should be submitted electronically to the ATU Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at

Contact the ATU Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at or one of the PDG committee members listed below for more information. 

Dr. Dana Tribble, Chair
Dr. Rajib Choudhury
Dr. Sarah Gordon
Dr. Alexis Johnson
Dr. Stephen Jones
Dr. Cathi Mcmahan
Dr. Jamie Stacy
Dr. Brendan Toner
Janet Wood


Information About 2023-24 Faculty/Staff Passes for ATU Athletics

Arkansas Tech University faculty and staff free passes for 2023-24 regular season home athletics events were distributed via e-mail on Wednesday, Aug. 30, by Home Town Ticketing, the official ticketing partner of ATU Athletics. 

The subject line of the e-mail was "Arkansas Tech University Box Office" and the sending e-mail address was

ATU faculty and staff may download the PDF that was attached to the e-mail to their mobile device and present that file at the gate in order to receive free admission to regular season home athletics events this academic year.

The offer of free admission also applies to the immediate family members of each ATU faculty and staff member.

For more information about ticketing for ATU home athletics events, visit


Expiration of COVID-19 Sick Pay Coverage for ATU Employees

Arkansas Tech University will not extend COVID-19 sick pay coverage for its faculty and staff beyond the Aug. 30, 2023, expiration date established by the ATU Board of Trustees. 

Through Aug. 30, 2023, any approved sick leave related to COVID-19 will be classified as such and will not be charged to the individual’s accrued time for up to a maximum of 80 hours. Beyond Aug. 30, 2023, ATU employees should refer to the standard sick leave procedures published in the ATU Staff Handbook and the ATU Faculty Handbook for all leave related to illness.

Contact the ATU Office of Human Resources at (479) 968-0396 or for more information.


Accessing Procurement and Travel Requisition Entry

Arkansas Tech University employees are reminded that as of July 1, 2023, procurement and travel requisition entry moved to Application Navigator.

As a result of this move, the link to requisition entry in Self-Service Banner has been removed. 

Please contact the ATU Office of Business Services at (479) 968-0269 for more information.


Reminder to Notify Post Office About Re-Located Offices

Arkansas Tech University faculty and staff who have recently moved their office or will do so in the near future are asked to notify the on-campus U.S. Post Office about their change in location. 

For more information, call (479) 968-0254 or visit the post office at 1711 Coliseum Drive.


Update on ATU Policy Regarding TikTok

In accordance with federal and state directives, Arkansas Tech University is suspending, until further notice, the use of the social media app TikTok as of 5 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2023.

Terms of the suspension are as follows:

No new content will be added to official, university-supported TikTok accounts for the duration of the suspension.
ATU employees in possession of a university-owned device or a device with a data plan paid for through university funds are directed to delete the TikTok app for the duration of the suspension.
TikTok will not be accessible on the ATU network (including wireless internet) for the duration of the suspension.

ATU students, prospective students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends are invited to continue their social media interaction with the university through the following platforms:


Online form to request photography at campus events

Arkansas Tech University offices and organizations hosting events and wishing for photography services at those events are reminded to fill out the following form in advance of their activities:


Flexible Work Arrangement Application Available

The Arkansas Tech University flexible work arrangement application is online and available to staff. 

ATU staff are able to request adjustments to their schedule and/or work locations via the online application. The flexible work arrangement application is accessible in Self-Service Banner and guides have been made available for employees and approvers on the ATU Office of Human Resources web page at

Call (479) 968-0396 or send e-mail to for more information.