Frequently Asked Questions

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Academic Information

Where can I view the Academic Calendar?

May I have access to my student's grades?

Whom do I speak with if I am concerned about how my student is doing academically?

What tutoring services are available at Tech?

How does academic advising work at Tech?

When does my student declare a major and meet with an advisor?

Campus Information

What are Tech's rules on alcoholic beverages?

How safe is the Tech campus?

What is Arkansas Tech's policy on hazing?

Class Information

What does withdrawing from school mean?

How many classes should my student take during the first semester?

How many "credit hours" are needed to graduate from Tech?

Does Tech have graduate programs?

Can my student test out of certain classes?

How are AP credits handled?

Dining Services

May a student who does not live on campus eat in the cafeteria?

Can students change their meal plans?

What types of meal plans are available to my student?

Can my student add more money to their meal plan?

What if my student has food allergies?

Does my student have to purchase a meal plan?

Disability Services

How can my student receive accommodations for their disability?

What if disability documentation is too old or my student was never formally diagnosed?

Financial Aid

Do I have to complete the FAFSA every year?

If parents are divorced, which parent completes the FAFSA?

What forms do I need to have available for my student to begin the financial aid process?

What loan options are available?

What is work-study?

If my student was not awarded work-study, can they still work on campus?

Getting Involved

Where can I find information about student clubs and activities?

If my student participates in a sport, where can I view schedules?

Is there Greek Life at Tech?

Does Tech have ROTC?

What roles do parents and families play in the Tech community?

What is Russellville area like?

What are some recreation activities nearby?

Health and Wellness

What if my student gets sick while on the campus?

What is considered proof of immunization?

What if my student cannot get proof of immunizations?

Should my student  get the meningitis immunization?

Where can my student get the meningitis vaccine?

Can my student get allergy shots at the Health & Wellness Center?

Living on Campus

Are students required to live on campus?

What should my student bring to the residence hall?

What can be done if my student is having roommate difficulties?

Do residence halls close during vacation breaks?

When is the deadline to apply for on-campus housing?

How much is the housing deposit?

What is the duration of a housing contract?

Payment Information

Will the Student Accounts Office cash checks in any amount?

Can I pay for tuition with a credit or debit card?

Can students charge textbooks to their student account?

Can tuition be paid over time?

How much does Tech cost? 

How does my student qualify for in-state tuition?

When is tuition due? Will I receive a bill?