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Parents, we are excited that you and your student have chosen Arkansas Tech University! This website and our social media presence are available to keep you informed of the resources that our office and the University have to offer.

Transitions are often emotional and require adjustments for everyone involved. The transition to university life is no different. Emotions run the gamut. Change is inevitable and change leads to growth and development; this is another chapter in your students' life.

Your student needs to know that you believe in them and that you are supportive of their educational endeavors. Your student needs to choose their major and career choice based upon their areas of interest. Parents may try to influence major and career choices for their student; this decision should ultimately be your students' choice.

Your student needs you to be willing to let go and allow them to make some mistakes. Mistakes are actually a great learning tool. Try not to do everything for your student, the challenges of figuring out things on their own is part of the educational process.

Help your student develop a budget. For many students a budget is something that is foreign to them. Encourage your student to look into scholarships and other financial aid options. Have your students seek out advice about budgets and managing their time and money.

Staying informed is an essential way to be an engaged and supportive parent. We hope you will stay connected through our monthly newsletter, social media and through conversations with your student. We are glad that you are a part of the Arkansas Tech Family!




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