Billing and Receivables


Tuition and all other fees and charges, including room and board charges for students in residence halls, are due and payable prior to the beginning of each term. Financial settlement, which consists of tuition, fees, and room and board, may be made by personal payment through the OneTech Portal or authorized financial aid (loans, scholarships, grants, third parties, etc.)

  • Credit card and eCheck payments are only accepted through OneTech. Search "Student Account Quick Links."
  • Cash and check payments may be made at the Student Accounts cashier window in RCB Room 241.
  • E-cashier- Payment Plan Option (available on student's OneTech account)
    • A 2.85% convenience fee will apply toward student's accounts made via a merchant card.
  • Pay in Full Option (available on student's OneTech account)
    • A 2.75% convenience fee will apply toward student's accounts made via a merchant card.

Registration is not complete until all financial obligations have been met satisfactorily. Financial settlement for eTech courses, and other courses added on a date later than the traditional start date must be in place before the course(s) begin.

Monthly billing statements are payable upon receipt. Invoices for preregistration are emailed to the students OneTech Portal, twenty - thirty days prior to the first day of class. All preregistered students must pay by the due date to confirm enrollment.

Students with delinquent accounts are not eligible transcripts, recommendations, advance registration, or readmission to any term. Collection fees for outstanding debts owed to the University may be assessed to the student.

The University reserves the right to amend or add to the regulations of the institution, including those concerning charges and methods of payment, and to make such changes applicable to students enrolled in the University, as well as to new students.

*Any overpayment on accounts by personal check will be held for 10 business days before being released into the normal refund cycle.*

Payment Options