Review and Go!



Before you get started on your own assessment plan, let's see what you learned. 


This training module will help you to:

  • What terms come to mind now when you think of assessment? 
  • Need help? Go back and review "What is Assessment" 
  • What is the difference between process oriented and results oriented assessment? 
  • What is the difference between a
    • Needs Assessment and a Satisfaction Assessment?
    • Utilization Assessment and a Cost Effectiveness Assessment? 
  • For a review, see, "What is Assessment".
  • Can you list the general steps of an assessment plan and explain what happens in each step? 
  • Check out, "The Assessment Plan", for a refresher.
  • What misconceptions about assessment have been dispelled for you? Any surprises? 
  • How would you explain assessment to someone who doesn't know what it is? 
  • For a more information, see "Assessment Misconceptions".




Think you're ready to assess? Keep these final thoughts in mind as you start your assessment journey: 

  • What result are you aiming for?
  • Without clearly identifying this, it will be easy to get lost in a maze of ideas and plans, and before you know it, you've collected useless data that doesn't measure your success.
  • Assessment is the best way to highlight your program or department's success and reenergize your efforts toward greater achievements!
  • Although assessment takes effort, your hard work will be rewarding!
  • The Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness is here to answer your questions, help you get started, and guide you through the assessment process.
  • Contact us at: 
    • Amanda Gardner, Assessment Specialist, by email at or by phone at 479-880-4278
    • Dr. Christine Austin, Director OAIE, at or by phone at 479-880-4282. 





Assessment Basics

  1. What is Assessment? 
  2. The Assessment Plan
  3. Assessment Misconceptions
  4. Review and Go! 

Assessment Academy