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In August 2018, Arkansas Tech University adopted the use of WEAVE as a centralized management system for accreditation, assessment, faculty credentials, and institutional effectiveness planning. The WEAVE resources shown below are available to ATU faculty and staff who have a WEAVE account. Please note that you will need to log into WEAVE in a separate window or tab before gaining access to these resources. 

Here are some resources to get started in Weave: 

All Weave users: 



Frequently Asked questions

A: If you have never logged into Weave, please contact Amanda Garder at agardner6@atu.edu for account activation. You will then receive an email from Weave with an activation link. Use your ATU credentials to log in and remain logged in at least five minutes the first time so that the Weave system will complete your registration. 

Log in here: https://app.weaveeducation.com/login/atu

You can also find the ATU Weave link:

  1. on OneTech on the Employee tab under the Campus Tools section
  2. on the ATU Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness website, at the bottom of the home page.

Finally, if you find yourself on the general Weave Education website, you can select the link “Access Weave using your institutions sign-on". Then, search for ATU to sign in using your Tech credentials.

A: Use your ATU credentials (user name and password). Do not use your full email address.

A: Visit the WEAVE Knowledge Center for resources available to ATU faculty and staff with topics on Assessment, Non-Academic Assessment, Accreditation, Program Review, and General Education Assessment. 

A: There are many kinds of documentation possibilities. What you use will depend on your program or project. However, here are some common document types:

  • Exam results – summarize in a table or graph excluding all student identification (T numbers, names, etc.). Do not include a copy of each student’s results. Save as .pdf file.
  • Handbooks - save as a .pdf file.
  • Websites and documents on websites – websites and links to websites are prone to change over time and without notice. Therefore, it is best to print as a .pdf file any websites that you want to use as documentation. Any files that will be more than 10-20 pages long (use your discretion) should be narrowed down to the pertinent pages for your evidence. It may be necessary to write a brief narrative cover page to your document to explain how the pages provide support your CAS report or annual project.

A: Weave only recognizes MS Word and .PDF files for online viewing, so please save all files in these formats. Spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations should be saved as .pdf. Other file types can be uploaded but must be downloaded to review. This is not ideal for reviewers.

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